The Swinging Blind Juggler

sbjaction_without_loop_problemThe Blind Juggler demonstrates that high performance robotic juggling is possible without any sensors detecting the ball. The Swinging Blind Juggler takes this concept one step further: it is the Blind Juggler strapped to a pendulum. The ball is struck at the peak angles of the pendulum, resulting in a side-to-side juggling of the ball.

The Swinging Blind Juggler achieves stable juggling without any sensors to detect the ball. The same paddle shape and motion that stabilize the ball on the Blind Juggler also keep the ball from falling off the Swinging Blind Juggler. While the ball motion is stable without sensing, we need feedback to control the pendulum motion. Blind juggling is only possible if the pendulum remains synchronized to the ball motion. We developed a feedback strategy that uses special paddle motions to control the pendulum motion. The physics that make this possible are similar to what children intuitively use to control their amplitude on a swing.

In Swinging Blind Juggler section, you will:

  • Find out more about the four bar linkage, which is the mechanism thatĀ ensures that the paddle is perpendicular to the ball velocity at impact.
  • Learn about how the Swinging Blind Juggler imitates a child on a swing to synchronize the pendulum to the ball motion in the section onĀ feedback control.


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