Lead Researchers

Philipp Reist
Raffaello D’Andrea

Additional Participants

Daniel Burch: Electrical design
Alex Braun: Electrical parts
Marc-Andrè Corzillius: Electrical design
Matthew Donovan: Mechanical design
Michael Egli: Mechanical design
Carolina Flores: Computer Animation
Clara Hollender: Electrical parts
Hans-Ulrich Honegger: Mechanical parts
Hallie Siegel: Handouts and website
Igor Thommen: Mechanical design
Timon Winkler: Mechanical design

ETH Student Theses

Fabian Byland, Bachelor Thesis, 2013: Impact Detection Hardware for the Cloverleaf Blind Juggler.
Matthias Fässler, Semester Project, 2010: Estimation of Ball Coefficient of Restitution for the Blind Juggler.
Flavio Fontana, Master Thesis, 2013: Control of a Swinging Juggling Robot.
Andrea Katharina Fuchs, Semester Project, 2009: A Dynamics Simulation for the Multiple-Balls Blind Juggler.
Arsin Grünig, Semester Project, 2011: Vision Feedback for the Blind Juggler.
Lukas Koch, Master Thesis, 2015: Design of a Science Museum Exhibit.
Baptiste Mottet, Semester Project, 2015: Probabilistic Basins of Attraction for a Juggling Machine.
Alessandro Schär, Bachelor Thesis, 2013: The Circular Cloverleaf Blind Juggler.
Tobias Sutter, Bachelor Thesis, 2010: A Dynamical Approach to Create Different Juggling Patterns Using Chaos.
Ueli Wechsler, Bachelor Thesis, 2015: Mechatronic System Design for the Swinging
Blind Juggler.
Contact us for obtaining any of the reports.


The project was supported by ETH Research Grant ETH-31 11-1.

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