2013: Control of a Swinging Juggling Robot: 12th Biannual European Control Conference (ECC). PDF. BIB. Download additional multimedia material here.

2012: Control of Nonlinear Systems with Symmetries using Chaos: IEEE International Conference on Decision and Control (CDC). PDFBIB. DOI.

2012: Design and analysis of a Blind Juggling Robot: IEEE Transactions on Robotics. PDF. BIB. DOI. Download additional multimedia material here (contains Matlab and Mathematica scripts as well as videos).

2011: The Pendulum Juggler. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). PDF. BIB. DOI. Download Mathematica Notebook describing the perturbation analysis here.

2009Bouncing an Unconstrained Ball in Three Dimensions with a Blind Juggling Robot. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). PDFBIB. DOI. Download Mathematica Notebooks describing the nominal ball trajectory here and perturbation analysis here

ETH Student Theses

Alessandro Schär, Bachelor Thesis, 2013: The Circular Cloverleaf Blind Juggler.
Fabian Byland, Bachelor Thesis, 2013: Impact Detection Hardware for the Cloverleaf Blind Juggler.
Flavio Fontana, Master Thesis, 2012: Control of a Swinging Juggling Robot.
Arsin Grünig, Semester Project, 2011: Vision Feedback for the Blind Juggler.
Matthias Fässler, Semester Project, 2010: Estimation of Ball Coefficient of Restitution for the Blind Juggler.
Tobias Sutter, Bachelor Thesis, 2010: A Dynamical Approach to Create Different Juggling Patterns Using Chaos. Report
Andrea Katharina Fuchs, Semester Project, 2009: A Dynamics Simulation for the Multiple-Balls Blind Juggler.

Contact us for obtaining any of the reports.

Educational Handout

Hallie Siegel has created a handout explaining the basic principle of the juggler which you can download here.

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